Friday, October 18, 2013

The second MySQL seminar: a summary

Once again, Geir Høydalsvik and I had the pleasure of hosting a MySQL mini-seminar in Trondheim. 25+ attendants from at least 7 different companies and a few professors from the computer science dept. at NTNU showed up on yesterdays event. I recognized many of these from the first seminar but there were some new faces as well.

This time, Mark Leith came on a visit from the UK. He gave an introduction to Performance Schema and ps_helper. ps_helper is a really nice tool to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data collected by PS. He also gave a very convincing demo of MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM). More than a few attendants now plan to give MEM a try in their environment. You can too - there's a 30 day trial, which should be more than enough to decide if you need it :-)

Like last time, we had great discussions, pizza and a very good time. I'm looking forward to the next seminar already.

If you're interested, Mark's PS presentation can be found on slideshare. ps_helper is both on github and on his blog. ps_helper comes highly recommended!

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